How long does it take to setup or pack away the Magic Selfie Mirror?2018-10-15T19:42:23+00:00

The Magic Selfie Mirror, along with everything it comes with, takes around an hour to set up and pack away depending on the range of additions included in your selected package.  We do come 60-90 minutes ahead of scheduled time, so we’re ready for your Event at the set TIME in your contract!

What is the Magic Selfie Mirror?2018-10-12T14:30:04+00:00
The Magic Selfie Mirror is a free standing mirror that is an outside the box type of photo booth with the latest technology in the market.  We provide an open system, allowing you and your guests the ultimate photo booth experience.  Unlike a standard photo booth, our Magic Selfie Mirror gives you an interactive experience with a range of quality and personalized photos that sets us apart from the competition.
How long until I receive all my event photos taken at the booth?2018-10-11T20:48:55+00:00

We always want to provide the best service and deliver the final product in a timely and professional manner.  In most cases, we can have a USB file of all photos shipped out within a week after the event.  If photos are needed sooner, please contact us so that we may arrange expedited shipping (expedited shipping charges will apply).

How many pictures will I receive?2018-10-11T20:47:45+00:00

We will provide a usb media file with all pictures taken by the photo booth and mail it to you a week after your event.

I like everything I see, how do I book?2018-10-12T14:27:54+00:00

Awesome! Please contact us today!

Where are you based and are you willing to Travel?2018-10-11T20:45:24+00:00

We are based in Greater Atlanta Area. Of course we are also willing to travel anywhere in the world! We have done many Destination weddings in the past.  For events outside of the Atlanta area, a travel fee will apply.

How far in advance do you book?2018-10-11T20:43:59+00:00
Weddings typically book a year in advance, though it does vary. If you want a particular season or date, make sure to book in advance so you are not left disappointed as we do NOT over book and we have events that are as far as 2020.  We receive inquiries on a daily basis, and book on a first come first serve basis.  A $100  non-refundable deposit is required to lock in your date.